Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Thumbs up everybody...

I.... am a procrastinator.
I've been so unmotivated as of late, to blog, craft, read, clean, or take care of business and that's a problem. 
Part of it was due to being sick on and off and also gone in Nevada for a funeral, but the other part is that I'm just lazy. 
SO! I'm trying to fix that! 
I'm on the up and up health wise so thats one less excuse for me to make.
As motivation to myself and all of you, my darling friend Jaymie suggested I post this video.
After watching this you'll feel like you can conquer the world!!!


Monday, January 30, 2012

Elves and everything else!

Hi there! 
This past week I've been so awful about sitting down and blogging so I've put away a wee bit of time to get it done right now. 2 weeks ago my lovely friend, Josie, treated us to a lovely photo shoot in the Elfin Forest (located in Los Osos). It was seriously one of the best days I've had in a while!
K, our friend Tori and I all dressed up as what can only be described as what we wished we looked like if we were elfin goddesses. (Basically, how I wish I looked everyday.)
We made our own crowns and head pieces (4-5 each) but only ended up using 2 per person because we were just having so much fun in the ones we were in! 

Anywho.... here are a few of the photos from our fun day in the forest!

IMG_9081 IMG_9041 IMG_9032 IMG_8946 IMG_8943 IMG_8921 IMG_8898 IMG_8823 IMG_8821 IMG_8799 IMG_8717 IMG_8707-2 IMG_8703 IMG_8670 IMG_8665

Thursday, January 19, 2012

This, That and the Other

Hello, hi there, hey! 
I've been a busybusy bee and thought that with the wee bit of down time I have right now, that it'd be a good time to update. This past week has been so lovely! Filled with photo shoots, dinner with friends, reading, and crafting. Pretty much my favorite things in life. 
Here's a picture of the uber fun photo shoot in the Elfin Forest! K and I got the chance to show off some of the crowns we've been making from The Strawberry Window. Our stunning friend Tori came on the shoot with us and Miss Josie took our pictures!!! (She's amazing.)
So THAT'S pretty fun. :)
Not to mention.... I'm up in Shaver Lake right now with K and some of our other lovely friends! We got up here on Tuesday and won't be leaving until NEXT Tuesday! One full week up in the lovely mountains!!!! Ugh it's been so lovely and relaxing so far. Filled with eating delicious food, easy strolls in the wilderness, movies and games galore, and hot tubbing in the chilly night air.

 Seriously, so great. I wish I was better about taking food pictures because K has made some of the best meals I've ever had. No joke. 
Tuesday night it was chicken in the new rotisserie my mom gave me (thanks mom!), roasted beets, brussel sprouts in butter, butternut squash with nutmeg, and fennel with onions braised in red wine.  LOOK LOOK LOOK!!!

Breakfast was an omelet with zucchini, onions, swiss chard, and raw milk cheddar cheese. So delicious. 
Dinner last night we had amazing indian food with lots of carrots, spices, chicken, garbanzo beans, and magic.
 K really out did her self by making a gluten free coconut flour cinnamon coffee cake (sweetened with maple syrup and honey as opposed to refined sugar), with a raw milk honey whipped cream, and sauteed pear sauce drizzled over the top. I ALMOST DIED. It was so delicious and for the most part, something I was able to eat even with all of my silly food allergies. (For those who don't know.... the allergy list includes wheat, soy, sugar, rice and dairy besides raw milk. Also for the time being, no other grains, potatoes, nuts, and bananas. Random, I know.)
 Basically, K is magic and always comes up with the most amazing things for me to eat. Like tonight, its coconut flour chicken nuggets. CRAZY. 
Anywho, the cabin has been lovely so far and we still have 5 full days left  :) Our goal is to not only have a grand time with family and friends while we're up here but also get lots of goodies done for The Strawberry Window! The plan is to get a ton of headbands done tonight so look out for those suckas! 

Alrighty, I'm off to eat more and craft. Jealous?

Happy Thursday my friends!
 Love, Lo

Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Strawberry Window..... IT'S ALIIIIVVVEEEEE!!!!

Hello there beautiful people! 
Mrs. K and I are doing a giveaway of one of our moth headbands to promote the grand opening of our Etsy shop, The Strawberry Window!!! To enter, visit http://singthebody.blogspot.com/2012/01/strawberry-window-giveaway.html and follow the directions at the bottom of the post! 

 Our new logo!!! So pleased with it!

 The always lovely Mrs. K in the headband we're giving away! (that rhymed, unintentionally.) 

 The beginnings of The Strawberry Window! Mrs. K and I with one of our first creations... A moss pot for Sally Loo's! 
 One of my FAVORITE things we've made so far; an owl mask for our dear friend Cody. 
 And last but not least, another version of our moth headbands! 

Well I think thats all for now!! I'm so excited to keep the lot of you posted! 

Auf wiedersehen and toodeloo!

A Wee Bit About Me.

Oh hello there and welcome to my silly little place for jumbled thoughts, the latest crafts and whatever other shenanigans I've been up too as of late. I've tried this whole "blogging" thing before and failed miserably at it, so here's to fresh starts and second chances!
I live in the ever glorious city of San Luis Obispo and love it immensely. The people, the places, the beauty?!? I absolutely adore it though I feel like my time here may be coming to an end soon (but thats a different story.)
My days consist of coffee with raw milk at the lovely Sally Loo's (what can I say, I'm a creature of habit!), reading a little something here or there, planning upcoming events, and causing a ruckus around town with my dear friend, Mrs. K, and her kidlet. Mrs. K and I just recently became business partners with our very own Etsy shop! WOOOOHOOOOO! We're so very excited about it and I can let you know in advance that the majority of my posts will be about our latest and greatest creations. The shop name is The Strawberry Window and I'm thrilled to start blogging about what we've been up too. :)

Well, stay tuned for the next post!


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